The Cryptojewel

From the intangibility of an idea
to the concreteness of the jewel
passing through its digitization
ending with the blockchain signature algorithm.


Everyone has a different way to express what they feel and imagine.
I have always had the greatest affinity with crafts,
and with goldsmithing in particular, for its ability to convey stories over time.

The discovery of digital animation has allowed me to go beyond the limits of the materials
and begin to visually represent the moments and stories hidden within my jewels.

Elements like gold, silverbronzesilicon…are irreversibly transformed in 0 and 1.

Digital Uniqueness

With the process of “minting” the digital work is connected to the blockchain,
obtaining a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that transforms it into crypto-art.
In this way, its uniqueness and authenticity are publicly certified.

This last step is what really forges the cryptojewel,
returning it to the uniqueness of the initial artwork,
keeping its appearance but changing its atomic structure completely
and spreading it through the Internet.

A New Frontier For Jewellery?

Jewels and cryptojewels become two complementary expressions of the same original idea,
realizing their potential through the intersection between the physical and the virtual space.

The cryptojewel becomes a medium to transpose ancient techniques into the digital era,
expanding their possibilities through integration rather than exclusion.

Thanks to the NFT technology the jewel is not private and  individually owned anymore
but it’s public and can potentially be collectively owned.
It does not exists in a single place
but across a multitude of nodes.

A project that combines
the fast and dynamic stride of the crypto world

with the profound calm and slow pace of time
of goldsmithing and enamel techniques.


Soffioni nel Vento