Petali di loto

Development, beauty, simplicity.

 I love the shape of this flower and since I discovered its meaning, even more. It appeared delicately in my final project, and in the following months, a collection dedicated in its entirety to the lotus flower emerged spontaneously.


Known as one of the oldest flowers in the world, the lotus flower is a sacred element in many cultures, evoquing wiseness and serenity.


The metaphor between the lotus flower and spiritual rebirth becomes evident, once we know it. The lotus flower grows in marshy places, in the mud, however the flower rises above the surface to flower high up, fragrantly and with remarkable beauty. From darkness comes the illumination of the spirit, just as the lotus flower emerges from a dark and murky place,

spiritual peace seems to emerge from dark and confusing moments.


The closed lotus flower or button is a symbol of the inifinite possibilities of man, while the petals opening symbolise spiritual growth.


It has also been compared to the heart, and symbolises that everything that is created has in its utmost interior, something comparable to the lotus flower, developing.