There are smells that,

by throwing yourself through space and time,

they head directly for the soul.

The Eucalyptus Collection is born from a synesthesia that relates to memories and my passion for the world of plants.

When I walk close to a eucalyptus tree, I am always captured by the smell and must seek out where the tree is, 

as my mind flies to other places and past times. On one of these occasions, collecting leaves I began to imagine jewellery.

The Eucalyptus, also, is very known in aromatherapy. On a psycho-emotional level it drives off confusing thoughts, relieves tension and stress, 

gives security in oneself, and invigorises the mind; on the physical level it is a natural antiseptic of the respiratory tract and 

strengthens the organisms immunitary functions.  With all of this in mind, I created a collection in tribute to this plant and the good energy it gifts us with. 

The collection plays with light, soft textures, accentuated in parts with shiny silver or oxidated silver. Some pieces play with movement as you can move the disposition of the leaves and rearrange them, and others relate to the use of carnelian, which also gives energy.The entire collection is designed to be visually light and to be worn daily so that every person can take with them the good energy that Eucalyptus gives us.