Soffioni nel Vento

Silver. Enamel. Pixels. Blockchain.

“Soffioni nel Vento” (Dandelions in the Wind) are the meeting point of
millenary jewellery art,
the evolutions of contemporary art
and the nascent cryptoart.

These coordinates are the xy and z to start a new journey into
the possibile expressions of experimentation between material and digital.

A unique collection is then co-created and co-designed by joining
Diana Natalini‘s enamels and Francesco Marino‘s digital animation.

Animating the Instant

With the enamel technique was possible
to represent the precise instant when petals blow away,
now that moment will expand
and it shapes in all its dynamics through digital animation.

The loop finally expands those moments indefinitely.

The wind, which is missing due to the limits of the canvas,
it’s finally manifesting itself in all its physicality
through the digital space.

From Enamel to Pixel

The enamel is the result of melting various layers of glass paste through consecutive cooking.

The animation follows the reverse process,
digitalizing the jewel entirely with a camera
and then dissecting it into a layers.

Every petal will appear,
follow its motion track and then disappear,
creating an endless dance.

Uniqueness Rediscovered

A dandelion in nature is unique.

A brush stroke on a canvas is irreproducible.

Each Soffione nel Vento is a non-fungible token (NFT).